Learning Sessions

Brighton Museum

SEN Shadow Puppet Workshop 4 hours, onsite, all KS

Explore the wonder of shadow puppets from around the world in the Performance gallery. A gallery trail and chance to handle shadow puppets leads to a practical and enjoyable design and make session using black card, rods and split pins, then a shadow puppet parade behind a screen.

Performance Gallery Talks 1 hour, onsite, all KS


The Royal Pavilion

Her Majesty's Servants – Victorian Costumed Tour 1.5 hours, onsite, KS2

Come dressed as one of Queen Victoria’s servants and help us prepare the Palace for her visit. Learn more about the typical daily duties of a real Victorian servant.


Preston Manor

Situations Vacant – Victorian role play 2 hours, onsite, KS2

Find out what life was really like for Victorian servants in a grand house. Come dressed as a servant applying for a job as a lower servant. Fully immerse yourself into the role. 


Brighton Beach Punch & Judy

Oh We Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside (outreach: KS1, KS2)

Who’s over 350 years old and can visit your school? None other than Mr. Punch. With all that history at his wooden fingertips he can help you bring it to life in your classroom.  A visit from a real Punch & Judy ‘Professor’ for a 1.5 hr session tailored to your learning topic includes a performance, a handling collection of puppets, a small display, plenty of Q&A and guaranteed enjoyment.


Brighton Dome

KS2&3, onsite tour and learning session, 1.5 hours

Brighton Dome started life as a magnificent stables and riding house for the Prince Regent, then became a grand theatre and assembly hall. Learn about the beginnings of this prestigious building and see behind the scenes of a vibrant concert hall. 

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