Brighton Museum & Art Gallery

Brighton Museum & Art Gallery started life as King George IV’s riding stables. In 1873 the building was converted into a museum and houses one of the most important and eclectic collections outside national institutions.

The galleries display superb collections on themes including Fashion and Style, World Art, Performance, Fine Art, Local History and 20th Century Art & Design. The museum also hosts a temporary exhibition programme.


Learning Sessions

Brighton during World War II 1 hour, onsite, all KS

Fine tune your historical and deduction skills as you help to unravel the identities of four different people living in Brighton during World War II.

Life and the Afterlife in Ancient Egypt 1 hour, onsite, KS2

What did the ancient Egyptians believe about the afterlife? Why did the Egyptians mummify their dead and who was mummified? This session uses costumes and props to explore the Ancient Egyptians, their beliefs in the afterlife and the mummification process.

India 1 hour, onsite, all KS

Gain valuable insight into the diversity and richness of Indian cultures and lifestyles. Explore Indian cultures, focusing on cooking, clothing and a Hindu wedding ceremony.

Local History Talk and Walk with Martha Gunn 1.5 hours, onsite, all KS

Come and meet famous dipper Martha Gunn as she tells you all about Brighton’s history through a slide show and a tour around The Lanes.

Minnie Turner, Life of a Brighton Suffragette, 1.5 hours, onsite, All KS

Come and meet Minnie Turner and learn what life was like in Brighton at the turn of the 20th century when women were campaigning for the vote.

SEN Shadow Puppet Workshop 4 hours, onsite, all KS

Explore the wonder of shadow puppets from around the world in the Performance gallery. A gallery trail and chance to handle shadow puppets leads to a practical and enjoyable design and make session using black card, rods and split pins, then a shadow puppet parade behind a screen.

Costume 1 hour, onsite

Find out what people wore in the past, from Victorian times to the1960s. KS1&2

Explore how changing roles of women have been reflected in fashion. KS3+

Fashion Cities Africa Gallery Detectives, 1 hour, onsite, all KS

(available from 30 April 2016 to 8 January 2017)

Travel around 4 cities in Africa and unravel stories of self expression and identity. Explore fashion, colour, fabric, music and communication in Casablanca, Lagos, Nairobi and Johannesburg. The first major UK exhibition dedicated to contemporary African fashion.

Gallery Detectives 1 hour, onsite, all KS

Available throughout the museum.


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