The Royal Pavilion

The Royal Pavilion was built for the Prince Regent, later King George IV. Once a luxurious seaside retreat for the King, the palace is now home to some of the finest examples and collections of the Chinoiserie style in Britain.

Architect John Nash’s extraordinary creation was inspired by the exotic architecture of India. It is inextricably linked with the unique identity of the seaside town of Brighton and reflects King George IV’s eccentric and extravagant personality.


Learning Sessions

General Tour 1 hour, onsite, KS3+

Find out more about the history of this fantastic building and why it was so important to the development of the town.

General Tour for Schools 1 hour, onsite, KS1&2

Uncover the Royal Pavilion’s intriguing history and learn about the former Royal residents. Imagine yourself as visiting dinner guests attending a King’s feast.

Leisure and Tourism Tour of the Royal Pavilion 1.5 hours, onsite, KS3+

This tour focuses on how the Royal Pavilion became and remains one of the country’s major tourist attractions. Learn all about the history of the Royal Pavilion, and the work that goes on behind the scenes to attract and welcome our visitors.

The Royal Pavilion and India 1 hour, onsite, KS2&3

What links India and a lavish Brighton seaside retreat for a King? This tour takes you on a journey around the Royal Pavilion's architecture to find the answers. Learn about the Indian buildings that inspired its unique structure, and its use as a hospital for Indian soldiers during World War I.

The Royal Pavilion as a WW1 Military Hospital 1 hour, onsite, KS1,2&3

On this tour you can find out more about this extraordinary chapter in the life of the Royal Pavilion Estate as it was transformed first into a hospital for wounded Indian Soldiers and then later for British Amputee soldiers. Why did this happen? How did this happen? Where did happen? Who was involved? And how did the town respond?

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